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Our Story

Our soap is made by cold process or hot process method. Cruelty Free. At least 85% of the oils, essential oils and additives we use to produce our soap are certified organic. Our soap is eco-friendly and doesn't contain detergent and phosphates. We color and scent our soap naturally with the botanical, herbal materials and organic essential oils.

We always proudly claim our soap is natural, fun and JUNK-FREE!

Jenny Ho, the founder and master soap maker

Hi, I am Jenny Ho, I am the soap maker and the business owner of Jade Soap Shop. 

Soap making has been my hobby and habit for years. I use natural ingredients only to make the soap. The soap I handcrafted not only helped soothing my sensitive skin but also improved the skin condition of my husband's body and back. 

More and more demands from friends and family made me think about starting my own soapy business besides managing my busy Mandarin classroom. So I started selling from 2014 in some retail stores and markets in Tampa bay.

Each batch of soap I make is uniquely made in small batch. My soap is natural, earthy, organic and also "colorful and interesting".

I scent my soap with all natural essential oils and color them with botanical and herbal powders. No artificial materials added in my products. I can proudly claim it 100% natural and JUNK-FREE!

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you enjoy my creations!